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The 71% Webinar Series: The Importance of a Well-Managed Cardiac Continuum of Care

Thursday, September 20, 2018
2:00 - 3:00 pm ET

Value-based care is here to stay, despite continual changes in governmental, regulatory, and financial aspects of care delivery. The current approach may be less prescriptive, but Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) continues to promote quality while trying to contain cost.

Learn what hospitals need to know to be financially successful in the Bundled Payment for Care Improvement (BPCI) Advanced program, focusing on their cardiovascular (CV) patient population.  Indeed, CV disease continues to contribute to the majority of inpatient stays as well as outpatient visits, though hospitals remain challenged to optimize margins while remaining competitive.  Managing the CV patient care across the entire continuum is more important than ever, beginning
with a solid inpatient quality approach that continues post-discharge. This distance learning opportunity will focus on the role a CV service line must take in the care management process.

Examples of risk-adjusted care management strategies will be shared, highlighting both the processes and elements that lead to achieving clinical, operational, and financial milestones.

Learning Objectives:
 Understanding the cost and quality intersections in CV bundled payment approaches
 Navigating value-based payment approaches with the CV service line model
 Creating a comprehensive care management continuum
 Developing a post-acute care strategy for risk-adjusted CV acuities

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Kathy Brown, RN, MSN and Kristin Truesdell

Kathy Brown, RN, MSN and Kristin Truesdell

Vice President, Corazon amd Director, Business Consulting & Informatics, Corazon, Inc.,

Kathy’s cardiovascular expertise has developed through her firsthand clinical knowledge and experience in the full continuum of cardiovascular care, integrating open heart surgery, interventional cardiology, and medical programs. She has extensive knowledge of key cardiovascular program elements such as service line management, cardiac and vascular disease management, medical department leadership, case management, supply chain, and LEAN workflow redesign. Kathy has robust experience in integrating physicians within the hospital and post-acute care settings within a cardiovascular strategic plan and bringing key stakeholders together to achieve a common vision. She has extensive knowledge and experience with designing and implementing progressive delivery models that use evidence-based facility design principles for excellence in outcomes, including the universal bed model. Most recently she has taken the lead in exploring effective Accountable Care Organization (ACO) strategies in order to reduce readmission penalties, focusing on heart failure in particular. She also previously worked as a Senior Consultant with Health Care Visions. Her solid work ethic, built on strong organizational, interpersonal, and presentation skills, makes her a valuable collaborator among medical staff in changing environments.

Kristin is a data management expert with a solid education in both finance and accounting. She understands the fundamentals of economic and financial principles and how these forces impact the market and likewise affect Corazon’s clients across the country. Her vast client experience has enabled her to increase her knowledge and understanding of the business environment while being capable of performing market analyses, feasibility studies, and business plans for well-developed or newly-expanding specialty service lines. She also brings in-depth hands-on expertise with the strategy and finances of creating physician/hospital relationships, employment models, and other alignment structures and the associated analytics. With her team attitude and strong worth-ethic, Kristin is a valuable asset to the Corazon Business Team.